All-New X-Men #33 REVIEW: Jean Grey can read your minds, Miles Morales and Ganke! | Newsarama

All-New X-Men #33 (Published by Marvel Comics; Review by Draven Katayama; ‘Rama Rating: 7 out of 10): Brian Michael Bendis has transported Warren, X-23, Jean, Bobby, and Hank to the Ultimate Universe, which makes for entertaining moments as they puzzle out their predicament. The most enjoyable scene is when Miles Morales introduces Jean to a stupefied Ganke. Mahmud Asrar has several standout pages; Jimmy Hudson charging looks appropriately menacing. However, X-23 and Warren’s faces lack sufficient warmth or lifelikeness. This arc adds a fun layer to the original X-Men’s already fish-out-of-water scenario, but Bendis has not made us feel any urgency or gravity. It feels like the X-Men could hang out comfortably in the Ultimate Universe for a while. The lack of urgency makes the story read more like a quirky tale than a true crisis.

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