Siege #2 REVIEW: 8/10. There Is No Hope


Review by: Sofía Marlasca

Writer: Kieron Gillen
Artist: Filipe Andrade

In this second issue of Siege, Kieron Gillen keeps bringing us further into the dynamics of The Shield, showing the interesting relationships between the characters and the looming peril they will eventually face. While rushed at times — there is a 15 days time-skip at the beginning of the issue — considering Gillen has only five issues to build these characters’ world and make us truly care about them, the story is shaping up to be surprisingly deep and well-rounded so far.

The storytelling in this book is definitely interesting. While the present narrative leading to the much-anticipated showdown is slow, we get to learn the most about the characters through flashbacks — brilliantly illustrated by the guest artist in the double spread pages. An interesting thing we learn in this issue is the nature of Leah of Hel and Illyana Rasputin.


Gillen is at his best when writing characters of his own creation (like Kid Loki, Leah, or America Chavez), and it really shines through in this book. We also get a few glimpses of the complicated relationships of The Shield’s habitants. One of the most interesting being the fierce loyalty displayed by the leader of the Endless Summers (yes we got the joke) towards Abigail. It makes me wish we had more time to explore that dynamic with a longer arc. Seeing Summers hand Abigail the gun as requested, only to knock her out before she can use it and then gently hold her, was powerfully intriguing and perfectly put together by Andrade’s grim and dynamic art.

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Andrade’s art, while unconventional, has proved perfectly fit for the story he and Gillen are telling. One of the best parts of the issue is a page with mixed flashbacks and Abigail’s internal monologue, which works superbly due to the mix of Adrade’s art and Rachelle Rosenberg’s flawless coloring.

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Yet again, it’s quiet moments like this where the creative team seems in perfect sync and they get to shine. One of the best, and probably most talked about moments of the issue, is the conversation between America Chavez and Lady Kate of Bishop, who again prove to have great chemistry. My only pet peeve with the series so far is how scarcely these two characters are being used. They are both strong fighters and they play each other so well, I really hope we will get to see them more often than one page per issue (Gillen is probably going to turn my wishes against me and break my heart in the process, I am sure).

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Overall, Siege #2 feels like a book that is finally getting traction. The ensemble of characters play off each other extremely well and only make us wish we had more time to spend with them before the event is over. The lack of actual battles so far is a bit of a letdown, but it’s clear this book is more focused on showing us the world at The Shield than the actual fights, at least so far. The next issue, however, promises to finally deliver on the action front, and I couldn’t be more ready for it (again, I’m sure Gillen’s going to make me regret this eventually).

Rating: 8/10


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