A-Force #3 REVIEW: 9/10. SHOCKING plot twists! She-Hulk and Medusa face the Thors

A-Force #3

Writers: Marguerite Bennett, G. Willow Wilson

Artists: Jorge Molina, Craig Yeung, Laura Martin, Cory Petit

Review by Sofía Marlasca

So far, Secret Wars has been one of the few comic book events to deliver worthwhile tie-ins that are relevant to the story and worldbuilding, while being entertaining on their own. It is no small thing to say, A-Force is probably the best thing to come out of Secret Wars so far. It is a great relief knowing the title will continue after the event.

For now, though, the new title is still dealing with the Secret Wars world. From the first issue, Wilson and Bennett established a very clear conflict: an attack that ended up with America Chavez’s banishment to the Shield. The conflict’s development and a second attack send She-Hulk through a portal to find out where these enemies are coming from.

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We get very few answers this issue about the person responsible for the attacks. She-Hulk discovers it is a traitor from Arcadia, but the revelation is cut short by the intervention of three Thors (Gamora, Sif, and Torunn, who might be my new favorite Thor so far).

It was nice seeing the foreshadowing of Medusa’s attitude pay off. I dare say her being a red herring was slightly less surprising given how obvious her antagonism with She-Hulk was from the start. Wilson and Bennett wouldn’t have given us such an obvious answer. And yet, I must admit there was a second there where I nearly bought into it. (On the other hand, the other obvious traitor choice is Lady Loki, but I still hold on to hope that we have something more unexpected in store.)

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Magic gives this issue’s art a chance to shine and Jorge Molina’s art truly delivers, both in beauty and action. I hope he will continue to pencil this book post-Secret Wars, since his style has definitely become a signifier of this run.

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By the end, we continue discovering new things about Singularity, who remains unnamed in-world and continues to be incredibly adorable for a character who has hardly spoken a word since her arrival to the ensemble.

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With two issues to go, it’s exciting to wonder how all these conflicts — She Hulk’s command put into question, Singularity’s everything, the traitor, the Thors, Doom — tie together.

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A-Force #3 makes for a fun and shocking (sorry!) read, with big developments that further the story while remaining entertaining on their own. The storytelling and art are spot-on and the creative team continues to give us a taste of what is in store after the reboot. This promises to be a great ride!

RATING: 9 out of 10

Release date: August 12, 2015


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