A-Force #4 REVIEW: 6/10. Loki, not Medusa? No one saw that coming…


A-Force #4 cover

Writers: Marguerite Bennett, G. Willow Wilson
Artists: Jorge Molina, Craig Yeung, Walden Wong, Laura Martin, Cory Petit

Review by: Sofía Marlasca

When you have a team comic that features a version of Loki in its roster and you announce there’s a traitor among them, the answer is usually fairly obvious. “A-Force” seemed to be making a big effort to avoid this, giving us Medusa as a red herring. However, this week, we saw it fall back into what so many others have done before.

Despite the disappointing revelation, this week still had some great moments, especially when it came to Bennett and Wilson’s great use of emotional beats. Singularity, for example, continues to be an interesting and engaging character, despite her extremely few pieces of dialogue. And Nico has shown emotional growth that is impressively well-handled considering this is only the fourth issue of the book.

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The art, too, continues to be great. In a book with this many women characters, it is great to note the lack of objectification, without shying away from any of their sometimes skimpy costumes. Maybe even more impressive is the wide range of emotion the characters are allowed to show and how different their body types and faces are done. It should be a basic requirement for any artist, but where many others fail, Molina has done an amazing job.

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I will give this book one thing when it comes to its handling of Loki’s betrayal: making her a mother figure of the same people she hurt surely gave another level of deepness to her actions. As sad as I am to see this mother-daughter relationship turn to a more bitter approach, it gave Loki’s actions a much bigger emotional impact. Considering America Chavez’s exile was the first turning point of the book’s plot, it has a much bigger implication when we look back and realize it was her guardian who caused it. That’s good storytelling.

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In the end, we are left with one more issue to come before “Secret Wars” is over and the book starts all over again in the Omniverse — whether this story will be kept or retconned is yet to be seen. We have one more adventure for the “A-Force” team to face: a zombie invasion coming from the other side of The Shield, which has been the source of so much conflict in this book.

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RATING: 6 out of 10

Release date: September 9, 2015

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