Siege #3 REVIEW: 8/10. Love at the end of the world (plus: Ultrons in love!)


Siege #3 cover

Writer: Kieron Gillen
Artists: Filipe Andrade, Rachelle Rosenberg, Julian Totino Tedesco, Juan Jose Ryp, Andy Troy, Michael Wm. Kaluta

Review by Sofía Marlasca

“Siege” has been, so far, a big buildup for a huge showdown that is supposed to shake us to the core. The premise states it will all fail and the Shield will fall, but that doesn’t stop us from rooting for the flawed, temperamental heroes who will try to defend it. We want them to win, we want them to live, and we want it to be great.

With such big promises and buildup, Gillen has a hard task at hand when it comes to deliver in the end. “Siege” #3, the second to last issue of the miniseries, finally starts giving us more action — aside from the stunning double spreads we’ve seen so far.

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It was interesting seeing how Andrade draws battles. As usual, his fluid style brings dynamism to the scenes, adding to the issue’s quick pace. Nonetheless, the real moments where he gets to shine are the otherworldly snapshots that capture instants beautifully, full of color and magic. That was what made this issue truly a stunning one.

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Of course, at this point we are used to not everything being what it seems, and Gillen delivered a considerable amount of emotional beats. Seeing our heroes in real peril raises the stakes and makes their heartfelt reunions that much sweeter and believable.

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Gillen has made “Siege” his epic love song to Marvel, a swan song that delivers in all the action, weirdness, and emotions that this multiverse has represented. The hidden love stories — like the runaway Ultrons in love — are so crazy that they would only work in this convoluted Battleworld, and yet are written in such sentimental ways, we are actually affected by them.

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“Siege” #3 keeps delivering in that particular storytelling characteristic of Gillen. Despite the big action explosion, we are only reaching the climax. We get to see our heroes win, but know this is not their final test, the one they are destined to fail. And so, we are left waiting for the next miniseries issue, completely immersed in this world. At least, we got to see Leah and Magik riding into the sunset. Maybe, there is hope.

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RATING: 8 out of 10

Release date: September 9, 2015

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