Ms. Marvel #18 REVIEW: 10/10. Heartwarming moments at the end of the world



Writer: G. Willow Wilson
Artists: Adrian Alphona, Ian Herring

Review by Sofía Marlasca

“Ms. Marvel” has distinguished itself with its characteristic sense of humor mixed with serious issues and heartwarming moments. It’s nice to see that, even trapped in the middle of a big and dark Marvel event like Secret Wars, this hasn’t changed. It is hard for a book to remain bright and positive in the midst of the end of the world, but “Ms. Marvel” #18 does just that.


Even this far into the book, Wilson still has a few twists up her sleeve, with new ways to make us see and care about these characters. This week’s turn was Kamala and Amir’s somewhat tense sibling relationship taking a step forward. It was certainly refreshing to see this side of Amir Khan, who has so far been presented as the religious and slightly fanatic stereotype. This time, he rises to the occasion in his sister’s defense, giving Kamran the piece of his mind every reader had probably been dying to voice.


Oh, he also kicked his butt. The art, by the way, is as pretty and fun as ever. As much as every artist has brought their unique style to this book across several issues, it feels good to have the original artistic team back for these issues as we reach a resolution of sorts.


The most touching scene, however, goes to Carol and Kamala’s last bonding moment. We see how much thought Carol put into this meeting with Kamala, preparing a gift to help her hold on to hope for a little longer. The symbolism in the mixed logos is also important, since it finally makes Kamala an “official” heir to Ms. Marvel’s legacy.

Overall, I’m glad this book has been so positive about Kamala and Carol’s first meeting. After so many other stories of young heroes disappointed by their idols, Kamala’s expectations are blown away by who Carol Danvers truly is (besides being an exceptional mentor). In Carol’s own words, “I wish we had more time” with them. Hopefully, after the relaunch, we’ll get to see them interact more often.


Overall, “Ms. Marvel” remains a fun read, keeping the focus on Kamala’s family and friends dealing with impending disaster while referencing previous storylines. It’s reassuring to know this story isn’t over after Secret Wars: we can sit back and enjoy both the insightful and lighthearted moments with the characters we’ve come to love. The ending surprises us and promises more emotional moments in the remaining issues of this arc. Let’s hope “Ms. Marvel” keeps making the road to the end of the world a surprisingly fun ride.


RATING: 10 out of 10

Release date: September 9, 2015

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