Invincible Iron Man #1 REVIEW: 9/10. Old villains and a new look

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Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: David Marquez

Review by: Sofía Marlasca

Note: this review includes images and critique of issue #2 as well.

“Invincible Iron Man” is one of the first books being published after Marvel’s reboot, and it is clear from the get-go that it will be an important one for this Post-Secret Wars Omniverse. After years of Tony Stark being Marvel Comics’ punching bag, this series gives us a fresh take on him, with a lighter mood and the promise of big adventures to come.

From the first scene, we get a sense that Bendis’ Tony is closer to a mechanic than a millionaire playboy, which of course is such an important thing to the character and as storytelling goes, it’s done beautifully. David Marquez’s art is clean and precise. His Tony Stark is so pretty, he might go head to head with Mikel Janin’s Dick Grayson. This creative team’s new take on the suit is one aimed to make audiences geek out more than once.

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One of this book’s greatest strengths is its lightness in mood, a bright contrast with most comics starring Tony Stark in the past two years. Also, the inclusion of new female characters (one human and one AI) with interesting personalities and great chemistry with Tony. FRIDAY has proved to be one of —if not the— sassiest AI presented so far, and Dr. Amara Perera shows promise to be an interesting character and love interest, even after a single date with Stark.

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The only weakness this book has shown so far is due to Marvel’s poor publishing dates planning. With several issues of this book coming out before Secret Wars ends, it’s heavy on spoilers regarding Dr. Doom. Doom is, however, a delightful character to see bantering against Tony, especially considering the latter’s aversion to magic. With the inclusion of Doom and Madame Masque, Bendis is making good on his promise to bring in more and older villains from Tony’s rogues gallery.

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Overall, this book is shaping up to be a fun one following Marvel’s lighter editorial style that has been successful with comics like “Ms. Marvel.” It still has a long way to go as we only are moving into its first arc, but for once the Marvel universe promises a brighter future, at least not doomed with the end of the world.

RATING: 9 out of 10

Release date: October 7, 2015

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